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  • The collaborative problem solving platform

    Skibb is a collaborative problem solving platform, where users can divide problems into smaller parts and then solve them piece by piece. You can easily invite friends and experts to help out solving the issues, and gather reputation by helping others.

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Divide et impera

Skibb is all about breaking big problems into smaller parts. This makes the problem more manageable, and lowers the threshold to contribute when users can provide solutions to the smaller pieces instead of the whole thing. When the smaller solutions add up, you have yourself a comprehensive solution for the whole problem. Awesome!

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Build your credibility

But Skibb isn't all about finding solutions. By helping others, you gain reputation, which boosts your credibility inside the app. Increasing amounts of reputation yield you more rights, such as moderation tools and access to hidden features. Contributing definitely pays back!

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Too big problems? Pff!

We have spent countless dark and stormy nights developing a product we're proud of, and we think we've gotten close to perfection. With Skibb's robust toolset, no problem is too big or complex to solve. With our platform and ever-so-diligent community, your issues will be cleared out in no time!

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In the media

Although Skibb is still an early startup, it has already received some media recognition.